About Us

  Our origin 

We are the branch of digital solution. digital solution is a company which provide digital concerts and media opportunities for interested individuals. Ceylon vacancy is our new route to provide carrier service to eligible workforce.

ceylon vacancy

Ceylon vacancy is a website that can provide the right carrier vision for younger generation who dreaming for a best job.we have designed this website with the help of the right experts related to career development. We provide career development contents and vacant opportunities for younger generation with much reliability. We have been operating the websites and YouTube sites for past 5 years.

Which provide variety of useful information to gain knowledge related to digital marketing. our website provide you a clear vision about career development, job searching, how to attend interviews, resume writing and how to set a best work environment etc.

whether you are a fresher or advancing your current position or searching for a better career direction for all kinds of needs we provide solutions. We help you to expand your career to the next level. for those who are looking forward to getting a new job and getting a promotion from their position with the aim of creating a new carrier, ventures can better get the required guidance information on our website.

Our Team 


viknesh is the founder of digital solutions. He is the website developer for the past five years and he is our main YouTube content creator who is actively engaged in our main 2 YouTube channels of digital solutions. 


keerthana is a senior worker of Digital solutions. She mainly managed website content. She creates different content on different platforms. Her research has been published on IRCUWU and IIBG university of Hong Kong. she worked as a career development consultant.

We go beyond not just providing advisory progress but also allow the individuals to upgrade their qualifications, responsibilities, and performance competencies. it foster talent management operations such as compliance, recruiting, performance management, success planning and more.

contact us :- contact@ceylonvacancy.com